Employee Savings Tickets

Halloween events are already available! Universal Studios’ Halloween Haunt and SeaWorld’s Howl O Scream are available on the site and Knotts Scary Farm is coming next week.  Visit EST.US.COM    Access code: AeroFun

August EST Flyer  

  • Disneyland visits: Members should start purchasing and reserving dates for Holidays now. The holidays sell out quickly!
  • Make sure and check out our attractions list outside of California. We have attractions across the U.S.
  • The EST Travel program offers really good hotel and rental car rates. I try to compare often and it’s cheaper than most hotel programs. 
  • Go City Adventure Pass is an excellent idea! It allows you to visit multiple smaller attractions for one low cost. Good for visitors!
  • Movie PIN distribution-  pin code distribution for AMC & Cinemark movie tickets hours are 8 am – 7 pm (Mon – Fri), 8 am – 3 pm ( weekends & holidays ) Hours may vary. Please allow up to 2 hours for pins. Although, we usually get them out pretty quickly. Sometimes summer rush can back us up. Please plan accordingly. Regal does not require pin codes.