Resolving Anthem Prescription Difficulties

Resolving Anthem Prescription Difficulties

Employees enrolled in the Anthem PPO and EPO plans have reported that they are experiencing problems getting their prescriptions filled. This is an issue between Express Scripts, Inc. (ESI) and the pharmacies. In order to minimize potential problems, please provide the following instructions to the pharmacy employee when having your prescription filled:

If you are at the pharmacy, inform the pharmacist that they must enter the following information from your Anthem ID card as follows:

  1. Member ID/Identification number from Anthem ID card. (e.g., LTC123456789). Note that they must enter the three letter prefix and not just the numbers.
  2. Rx Bin: 003858
  3. PCN: A4   
  4. Rx Group: RX4AERO

If you are not at the pharmacy or the steps above did not work, please call the Employee Benefits Service Center at 310-336-2400 with the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Badge number
  3. Call-back number
  4. Name and phone number of pharmacy

Once they’ve been informed, Employee Benefits will elevate this issue and our ESI representative will contact you.