Roles, Responsibilities, Action Items

Roles and Responsibilities

The Hartford approves, administers, and processes all leaves of absence for Aerospace employees.

List of Action Items for:

  • Employees
  • Managers
  • The Hartford
  • Employee Benefits Service Center (EBSC)


If you are an employee requesting or currently on leave, your role includes:

  • Notify both your manager and The Hartford (888.980.9382) at least 30 days in advance for planned leaves. For unforeseen leave, please provide notification on the first day of the absence or within the next two business days.
  • Read all leave documentation provided to you by The Hartford (sent after leave is requested).
  • Complete Form 4782 for a personal leave of absence.  Obtain manager approval and submit form to Employee Benefits.
  • Complete all paperwork within five days, preferably sooner. This will prevent delays in processing, pay, and potential job protection.
    • Documentation: You may be required to provide certification documents from your physician. Delay in providing required documents may impact the timing of your leave approval, pay, benefits, and job protection.
      • Respond as quickly as possible to The Hartford’s requests for medical certification (from the doctor) and completion of your leave documentation.
      • It’s essential that you follow up with your doctor (or their nurse) to ensure they have submitted your certification. To avoid delays, we suggest you encourage them to file their certification online.
      • Delayed responses can adversely impact the processing of your claim and getting paid on time, particularly if leave pay is administered by the state.
    • California Employees: Note that disability claims should be sent to EDD, if applicable, as they administer some of the leave offered by the state. Refer to pay during leave
    • Non-California Employees: Submit Short Term Disability claims to The Hartford. Refer to pay during leave.
  • Monitor your leave of absence status regularly on The Hartford website.
    • You must notify The Hartford and EBSC regarding changes in your leave status, and/or intermittent absences.
    • Please remember to stay in contact with EBSC.
  • Scheduling your Return to Work (RTW)
    • Please contact EBSC at least two business days prior to your RTW date to confirm.
    • If you’re on disability leave, you must provide the Employee Benefits team with RTW medical certification form signed by your doctor. As such, we suggest that you schedule a doctor appointment two to five business days prior to your planned RTW.
    • Please fax (310.563.7930) or email  RTW certification at least two business days before your return to work.


If you are a manager with an employee requesting leave, your role includes:

  • Refer employees requesting leave to The Hartford.
  • Review Aerospace’s Personal Leave of Absence Policy to determine when to approve or deny personal leave requests.
  • Provide your signature on Form 4782 for an approved personal leave of absence.
  • Assign an administrator to enter the affected employee’s time on a weekly basis (no later than 9 a.m. each Friday) and verify EZTime is coded correctly (time codes).
  • Ensure that employees on disability leave are cleared to return to work before they return to their job. You should receive an email from the ESBC two business days prior to the employee’s RTW. If you haven’t received notification in this time frame, please contact the EBSC for authorization.

The Hartford

The Hartford works on behalf of Aerospace to provide a centralized intake process to collect and record employee leave request information. Call 888.980.9382 or visit The Hartford website. The role of The Hartford includes:

  • Provide written correspondence to employees and coordinate initial documentation for a new leave request.
  • Notify the Employee Benefits Service Center (EBSC) via email when a leave action is taken.
  • Answer questions and direct employees to the ESBC when necessary.
  • Schedule and execute tasks associated with employee leave including notification, follow-up on medical certifications, leave extensions and return to work.
  • Track intermittent and concurrent leaves and generate weekly reports for the EBSC.
  • Mail status updates to the employee each time a leave transaction is processed.
  • Help avoid delays in benefits for employees by ensuring that the correct type of benefit is requested and forms are completed accurately and efficiently.

Employee Benefits Service Center (EBSC)

The EBSC is a resource if you need assistance interpreting or processing Aerospace benefits. You can contact the ESBC by phone at 310.336.2400 or email at Employee Benefits Service Center. The role of the Employee Benefits Service team includes:

  • Help to navigate the leave program via The Hartford.
  • Address employee relations issues, such as a leave request being denied. 
  • Manage leave and disability accommodations through an interactive process including you (the employee), your health care provider, your manager, and appropriate corporate representatives.
  • Notify both you and your manager when you’re cleared to return to work after a disability leaves of absence.
  • Report to The Hartford accommodation leaves related to intermittent leave and reduced work hours.
  • Assist The Hartford if they are unable to contact you.