LOA Toolkit: Manager Role

The manager’s role includes directing employees to contact Employee Benefits:

Short Term Disability

Employees who need to initiate a short-term disability or paid parental leave

Employees who have charged five consecutive days or more of “S” (Sick).

  • Manager will notify Employee Benefits if employee is unable to.

Managers will direct employees to contact Employee Benefits and submit their Return-to-Work Certification when they are cleared to return to work.

  • Managers should receive an email from Employee Benefits at least two business days prior to employee’s return date.
  • If a notification is not received, contact Employee Benefits for authorization.

Personal Leave of Absence

Review Aerospace’s Personal Leave of Absence Policy to determine when to approve or deny personal leave requests.

Your signature is required on Form 4782  for an approved personal leave of absence.

For the duration of the employee’s Personal Leave of Absence, Employee Benefits will complete their time sheet.

Other Leaves:

Related to Workers’ Compensation, Military Leave, or Military Exigency Leave