Virtual Desktop Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

1. Open one of the following supported browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 8+ (32-bit mode)
  • Chrome 29+
  • Safari  5+
  • Firefox 23+

Please note, the versions list above are minimums.  Your operating system may require, or come with, a more current version of your browser.  For more details check “Requirements for access to stores through Receiver for Web sites” section in StoreFront 2.1 System Requirements – User Device Requirements


2. Enter the URL for where you are based:

If you are unsure or have problems, please contact the EIS Service Desk.


3. At the login screen enter your AERO.ORG domain credentials (Initials+Badge and Password), and click Log On. SecurID passcode required externally.

Internal Connection
External Connection
















4. To launch a published desktop, click the Shared Desktop icon. IMPORTANT – Your first login can take up to 5 minutes to complete.  Subsequent logins should complete very quickly.

















5. Our new Virtual Desktop is based on a Windows 7 look and feel. Where possible we have tried to emulate a typical corporate desktop.