Insurance Plan Detail (coverage/exclusions)

2018 Insurance Plan Covered and Non-Covered Services

If you are going to the doctor and want know which specific services are covered, click on the plan charts below.

These charts provide a detailed list of a variety of services, which are covered and non-covered, and percentages the insurance company will pay both in and out of network.

Non-Union Benefits eGuide or Union Benefits eGuide for weekly contributions

Medical (bargaining unit)

Medical (non-union)

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

Coverage Advisor (non-union)

Preventive Care Benefits

Mobile and On-line Apps

  • Anthem
    • Mobile App – Available for all Anthem members 
    • LiveHealth Online – Available for Anthem PPO, EPO, and CDHP members.
      • At home or on the go, see a doctor or therapist. 
  • Kaiser – My Health Manager
    • Mobile App – email doctor’s office, view test results, refill most prescriptions, etc. Register at
    • Telephone – call in to speak with a doctor for minor health conditions. Southern California only.

Express Scripts ®


Vision (bargaining unit)

Dental (bargaining unit)

Vision (non-union)

Dental (non-union)